Use of crul's retry sub-routine in an API package

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crul, an HTTP Client by @sckott organized around R6 classes, mostly meant to be a developer-facing HTTP client.

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Air quality (exposure science? epidemiology?)

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The retry() method in crul::HttpClient replaced my own code for retrying in case of failures in my rOpenSci ropenaq package that provides access to data from OpenAQ API (air quality data).

I had code with a while loop, counting iterations, adding waiting time, etc., and it turns out I didn’t need to! Using the method from crul I’m saving lines of code and the responsability for testing the retrying is at least partly on crul maintainer. :wink:


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Thanks @sckott for telling me about the method. I should read the docs and the changelog more closely!

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@ma_salmon (but the more general post is via @rhub_).