Use GitKraken to push updates to onbarded repository


Hi all,

I usually use gitkraken to deploy changes on my repositories on github. However, now that the MODIStsp is included in rOpensci I am not able to that anymore since I get the following error:


Am I doing something wrong, or this is normal and it is not possible to use GitKraken on ropensci repos? If the latter, would it be possible/would you consider allowing this?

thanks in advance,



thanks for your question @lbusett

it seems somewhat unusual for a git client to need permissions through github, do you know you have set up your ssh key correctly? Does gitkraken work for other repos outside of ropensci?


Hi Scott,

I am able to use GitKraken on all my other repositories. In my personal GitHub settings, I have gitkraken configured as an authorized OAuth app:

, as well as specific SSH keys for GitKraken.

Maybe what is “missing” is the authorization for GitKraken as OAuth App for rOpensci?
Also note that I do not have problems in pushing updates to ropensci using RStudio.



Okay, thanks. I don’t see a way for us to just add access, but I think you can request access, can you see if this works


Hi Scott,

thanks for checking on this! I just requested authorization for gitkraken following the instructions on the link you sent.



should be good to go now



sorry for the late reply: works perfectly now!

Thanks a lot!


great, glad it works