US Federal Government Shutdown & Data

Here’s a list of known data sources that are no longer available during the shutdown:


all the below redirect to and thus cause errors in the function calls

  • rnoaa::ncdc() - National Climatic Data Center API
  • rnoaa::ersst() - NOAA Extended Reconstructed Sea Surface Temperature (ERSST) data
  • rnoaa::lcd() - Local Climitalogical Data
  • rnoaa::homr() - Historical Observing Metadata Repository (HOMR) station metadata
  • rnoaa::swdi() - severe weather data inventory

Other data sources in rnoaa are still working as they work with FTP servers that are still up



The ITIS service is completely down, affecting

  • the entire ritis R package
  • the ITIS functionality inside the taxize package

Checkout taxizedb for working with database dumps - of course you’ll have already had to download ITIS database dump :frowning:


USGS’s BISON service is down

Affects the rbison package


appears to be unaffected (I guess b/c NIH deemed important enough to keep opn), anyone having problems?


any NASA data down?

Don’t know if your saw this but all of is down.

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Thanks @jsta has a CKAN interface, which one can use via ckanr - but not right now :frowning:

Yeah, it appears that is down. It’s a shame, I have a few moments this afternoon to work on the nasapower package.

thanks @adamhsparks - we may be up tmrw though :slight_smile:

Everything should be back up on rnoaa, rbison, and ritis

looks like is back up: try Rscript -e 'ckanr::ckan_info("")'

@adamhsparks is your data source back up?

Yes, it’s back, but I’ve meetings all day today. hah!

great, glad it’s up at least

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+10 points to you for exposing me to ckanr, what a fantastic tool.

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glad you like it. it’s bady in need of attention, so many other things to do :cry: