turbulence data set

I need data of wind turbulence intensity spaced every 6 hour at least, of a period ranging from 1990 to 2005.
I searched by hand in noaa dataset for turbulence intensity datasets.
I didn’t find anything.
Querying don’t produce anything:
(out <- ed_search(query=‘turbulence’))

Error: HTTP Status 500 - Your query produced no matching results. Check the spelling of the word(s) you searched for.

with ‘wind standard deviation’ I obtain some results but mountly spaced.
Can anyone help me?
Maybe there are alternative datasets from nooa.
Maybe this is not the best forum, can you tell me the most appropriate one?

Thanks for the help,

hi @milomilo - thanks for your question. This is a good place since it’s rOpenSci software. or the github repository for this package at https://github.com/ropensci/rerddap/

There appears to be no data for the search turbulence. if you go to the web portal itself, you can do that query


And it returns no results.

You can query a different ERDDAP server by specifying it’s base url in the url parameter.

Two things:

  1. Try other searches, maybe just use wind or some combination thereof
  2. you can specify which=griddap or which=tabledap, which can have different datasets

Hi scott,
thanks for your reply! :slight_smile:
I didn’t find anything in this datasets, with various query. :frowning:
There is a list of ERDDAP servers? I google it but I didn’t find anything.

See rerddap::servers() - note that it’s not an exhaustive list, there’s likely others out there

Maybe a stupid question:
there is a simple way of querying all the list of datasets?

I don’t know what you mean. That’s what the search functions do. Do you mean get a list of the datasets ?

Sorry it’s late! :smile:
I wanted to say: querying all the server in the list at the same time?

you can do something like:

lapply(servers(), function(z) ed_search(query='turbulence', url = z))

@milomilo Did that work for you?

I am an ignorant in R.

At the end I done this, but I didn’t find anything for turbulence:

ss <- rerddap::servers()
for (i in ss$url)  {
  #  print(c(i,ss$url[i]) )
     print(out<-ed_search(query=world, url = i))

Here’s how you can do it with lapply

res <- Filter(Negate(is.null), lapply(servers()$url, function(z) {
    x <- tryCatch(ed_search(query='turbulence', url = z), error = function(e) e)
    if (inherits(x, "error")) NULL else x

However, that returns no results, - though there are other ERDDAP servers out there, so you can search others if you have the URL