rOpenSci | Miscellaneous Wisdom about R Markdown & Hugo Gained from Work on our Website

Whilst working on the blog guide, Stefanie Butland and I consolidated knowledge we had already gained, but it was also the opportunity to up our Rmd/Hugo technical game. Our website uses Hugo but not blogdown to render posts: every post is based on an .md file that is either written directly or knit from an .Rmd file. We wanted to provide clear guidance for both options, and to stick to the well-documented Hugo way of e.g. inserting figures. We also wanted to provide post contributors with an as smooth as possible workflow to create a new post. Working on this mission, unsurprisingly we learned a lot, and why not share our newly acquired technical know-how? In this post I shall go through four things we learned about Rmd/Hugo, while trying to provide context about the why of our using them.

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