rOpenSci | From the Founding Director: My Farewell to rOpenSci

Dear rOpenSci community,

This is a bit of a bittersweet announcement… After nearly 13 years, it’s time for me to step down as the Executive Director of rOpenSci.

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Thank you @karthik :clap:

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Thank you @karthik! You’ve had a tremendously positive influence on open science and scientific software through your dedication to developing and supporting the mission of rOpenSci. This broad set of communities is so much better off thanks to your efforts.

Thanks @karthik! To this day I still recall your talk about communities and rOpenSci at a random R users meetup in 2013 which had a great influence in my path with R

@karthik You have been an incredible driver for change. I feel fortunate to have met you and to watch your impact for the past 11 years.

Thank you Karthik! Meeting you in 2014 changed my life, and I’m not alone. rOpenSci has improved the tools and culture for so many scientists, and your vision and impact continues to inspire. Excited to see what you do next!