rOpenSci | 2 Months in 2 Minutes - rOpenSci News, August 2020

Join our Community Manager Stefanie Butland in a CarpentryCon @ Home fireside chat on Growing Inclusive, Computational Communities and Leaders. Live 90-min discussions Wed Aug 26 21h00 (2pm PDT) and Thu Aug 27 15h00 UTC (8am PDT). Other panelists over the two sessions are Abigail Cabunoc Mayes (Mozilla Foundation), Kate Hertweck (Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center), Toby Hodges (The Carpentries), Angela Li (U Chicago), Marlene Mhangami (Python Software Foundation), Naomi Penfold (eLife), and Serah Rono (The Carpentries). Submit your questions for the panel before Aug 24.

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