Rnoaa v0.4 is on CRAN


  • Gains a suite of new functions for working with NOAA GHCND data, including
    ghcnd(), ghcnd_clear_cache(), ghcnd_countries(), ghcnd_search(), ghcnd_splitvars()
    ghcnd_states(), ghcnd_stations(), and ghcnd_version() (#85) (#86) (#87) (#88) (#94)
  • New contributor Adam Erickson (@DougFirErickson)
  • All NOAA buoy functions put back into the package. They were previously
    on a separate branch in the GitHub repository. (#37) (#71) (#100)


  • Minor adjustments to isd() functions, including better man file.
  • Cleaner package imports - importing mostly only functions used in dependencies.
  • Startup message gone.
  • callopts parameter changed to ... in function swdi().
  • More robust test suite.
  • ncdc() requires that users do their own paging - previously this was done internally (#77)
  • Many dependencies dropped, simplifying package: RCurl, maptools, stringr, digest.
    A few new ones added: dplyr, tidyr.


  • All erddap functions now defunct - see the package rerddap,
    a general purpose R client for ERDDAP servers. (#51) (#73) (#90) (#95)
  • The extent function in noaa_stations() used to accept either a bounding
    box or a point defined by lat/long. The lat/long option dropped as it required
    two packages, one of which is a pain to install for many users (#98) (#99)