occ_data(scientificName = "Terminalia alata Roth", geometry = "POLYGON((60.4726189399999967 -0.7033691399999999, 60.4726189399999967 53.5600501300000005, 134.7740646599999934 53.5600501300000005, 134.7740646599999934 -0.7033691399999999, 60.4726189399999967 -0.7033691399999999))", limit = 5000)

While running this script, occ_search retrieves me occurrences only from outside defined geometry but none from within

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Thanks for this feedback @Surya

I can replicate what you get. Not sure what’s going on here. I’ll test with some other queries to see what the problem might be.

@sckott, do you already know what is causing this problem and have a solution for me?

I’ve reported it to GBIF, there appears to be something wrong with their WKT parsing, we’ll see what they say

See also https://github.com/ropensci/spocc/issues/187 in the spocc package, probably the same issue