Publish R Drake workflow to WorkflowHub

We would like to publish our drake workflow on WorkflowHub. We haven’t found a proper way to do this.

Our question is: are there any initiatives running in this direction, that you are aware of? For example, a tool that is able to translate the a Drake workflow to CWL (Common Workflow Language).

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@mattdray any insights on Casper’s question above? Will Landau said no one to his knowledge has implemented a tool to port a drake or targets pipeline into other workflow tools

:wave: Hi @casper937 and @stefanie. I’m not aware of any initiatives, but would be interested to know if such a thing exists. Rather than translation, it would be great if the platform itself recognised a {drake} or {targets} workflow directly. Perhaps it’s possible to register them on WorkflowHub as a ‘user-added workflow type’, though I have no experience in doing that!

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