platform for development || contributing?

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Hi devels,

I’d be interested in contributing and learning through the ropenSci community. I’ve never contributed to any open source project before, nor a full-stack developer, too.

I was wondering how to maintain platform.
Say, I use unix, R 3.5. But, for instance taxize I understand is on R 3.6, OSX.

Of course I can move to OSX, but R version is something I’m bothered about.

Thanking you in advance.

Hello @sariya,

Good to hear you’re interested in rOpenSci.

In general, it’s important to use the most up to date version of R and any packages you’re using.
This is a great post to consult when you have questions: Where to get help with your R question? · Maëlle's R Blog


Thanks for your reply.

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