Our package reviews in review: Introducing a 3-post series about software onboarding data

Author: Maëlle Salmon

On March the 17th I had the honor to give a keynote talk about rOpenSci’s package onboarding system at the satRday conference in Cape Town, entitled “Our package reviews in review: introducing and analyzing rOpenSci onboarding system”. You can watch its recording, skim through the corresponding slides or… read this series!

The first post … will explain how I rectangled onboarding. The second post will give some clues as to how to quantify the work represented by rOpenSci onboarding. The third and last post will use tidy text analysis of onboarding threads to characterize the social weather of onboarding.

Read the full introduction here: https://ropensci.org/blog/2018/04/26/a-satrday-ct-series/