Opencontext status?

Hey @benmarwick @lincoln What’s the status on opencontext

Looks like no commits since April. Planning to continue work on it? Need any help?

Yes, good question, I've done a little more, and have done plans, but the opencontext repo is not a big part of my workflow at the moment, so I'd be happy for others with more urgent use cases to contribute.

Thanks Ben. No rush either, just curious if anyone has plans to work on it more, or if we should consider it as compete as it will get

Echoing Ben, I have no plans to work on this in the immediate future. I’d be glad to finish it up at a hackathon, etc, but it doesn’t fit into my research so I’m not likely to get back to it.

@lincoln thx for the update! no worries about not working on it. Sounds like if someone’s keen to work on it, they’re welcome to contribute.