next steps in testdat?

I would like to help in the development of testdat, what is most needed ?

The last work was in 2014.

Who knows more?

@karthik @hilary may know

@RMHogervorst sorry about no reply

i see you opened an issue at

maybe you can open another just asking what you asked here, maybe you’ll get an answer there

Yeah, Thanks Scott,

Thanks to your suggestion I found the assertR package, which does sort of the the same thing. but better.

testdat is currently not in development and might not be. We began the idea, but other packages such as ENSURER, assertr and similar have filled the space. If anything testdat might get stripped down to be a thin wrapper to these other packages. If you are interested in contributing to development, it might be best to approach those package maintainers.

assertr (also a ropensci package):

I suggest adding an “Abandoned” badge from to the README. Should such WIP/suspended repos be moved to the ropenscilabs org?