googleLanguageR - Analysing language through the Google Cloud Machine Learning APIs

Author: Mark Edmondson

One of the greatest assets human beings possess is the power of speech and language, from which almost all our other accomplishments flow. To be able to analyze communication offers us a chance to gain a greater understanding of one another.

To help you with this, googleLanguageR is an R package that allows you to perform speech-to-text transcription, neural net translation and natural language processing via the Google Cloud machine learning services.

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Does library(googleLanguageR) include gl_talk and gl_talk_languages anymore?

I attempted to manually copy the original code from github but several functions were missing (rmNullObs for example, among others) and even when replicating them it wouldn’t work.

Please advise is Text to Speech API is still valid using this package.
Thank you,

Dear Carlos, I wrote this in an email, but posting here in case anyone else has the same question:

Its more like the opposite - its a new feature that is only on the development version at the moment :slight_smile:

You can install it by using remotes::install_github(“ropensci/googleLanguageR”)

Once its been tested a bit it will go on CRAN for version 0.2.0

Hope that helps,

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