EML to FGDC-CSDGM metadata?

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I need to create FGDC metadata for a series of raster data sets I’m creating and I’ve come across the EML package as a potential tool to help me get there (GitHub - ropensci/EML: Ecological Metadata Language interface for R: synthesis and integration of heterogenous data). Even better, then I’d also potentially have my metadata in EML format!

But I’m not seeing any documentation on actually converting from EML to FGDC. Perhaps there is a simple answer here (like “once in EML it essentially is also in FGDC!”) but that isn’t clear, especially given that DataOne treats them differently (What is Data (DataONE Perspective)? — v2.2.1).

Is using the EML package going to help me in my ultimate quest? Or, is there a better, more efficient way to go? I’d like to work in R, but could also work in python if need be.

What’s confusing me is that I’m not seeing any reference to the FGDC standard in the vignettes or references (e.g. Creating EML • rOpenSci: EML).

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Thanks for your question @tghoward

@cboettig @mbjones any thoughts on this?