Elastic v0.4 is on CRAN

elastic v0.4 is now on CRAN.

Release notes: https://github.com/ropensci/elastic/releases/tag/v0.4.0

This version has a bunch of fixes and new features. Some highlights:


  • New function Search_uri() where the search is defined entirely in the URL itself.
    Especially useful for cases in which POST requests are forbidden, e.g, on a server
    that prevents POST requests (which the function Search() uses). (#58)
  • docs_bulk() gains ability to push data into Elasticsearch via the bulk http API
    from data.frame or list objects. Previously, this function only would accept a file
    formatted correctly. In addition, gains new parameters: index - The index name to use.
    type - The type name to use. chunk_size - Size of each chunk. (#60) (#67) (#68)


  • cat_*() functions can now optionally capture data returned in to a data.frame (#64)
  • Search() gains new parameter search_path to set the path that is used for searching.
    The default is _search, but sometimes in your configuration you’ve setup so that
    you don’t need that path, or it’s a different path. (023d28762e7e1028fcb0ad17867f08b5e2c92f93)