continuous integration with bitbucket

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I would like to eventually submit a package. My package lives right now in bitbucket. Is there an equivalent to usethis::use_travis()? Or guidelines on how to do continuous integration with an R package and bitbucket.


thanks for your question @bnicenboim

There is an open issue for this feature in the usethis repo

So not in the package yet.

have you seen bitbucket pipelines It looks like similar to Travis, though I don’t see R support off the bat.

Does anyone have experience with Bitbucket and CI @noamross @maelle @karthik @cboettig


I have to admit that even though I’ve been programming with R for a long while, I have zero experience with CI (I don’t even fully understand what it is). I was hoping to understand it while I implement it :confused:
So I 'm looking for something that is already supporting R in a straightforward way.

package for manipulating EEG data