rinat not available for R version 3.1.1 or higher

Hello ! I’m planning to use the rinat package to show some occurrence data usage in R Studio cloud. I haven’t been able to install the package in my own computer (R version 3.6.3). When trying to install the package on the cloud I’ve lower the R version down to 3.1.1 but keep getting the same warning that the package is not available for the R version. I’ve also tried with devtools::install_github("rinat", "ropensci") with the same results.

Is it something regarding lack of package maintenance?
Many thanks !

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Thanks for your question @bienflorencia

Can you try remotes::install_github("ropensci/rinat")

There is a new maintainer for much needed fixes - they’re still getting oriented.


Yes @sckott, that worked perfectly, both in my computer and on the cloud.
Cheers !

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great, glad it worked.