Language documentation for a package

Hi, I hope this is the right place to post this question.
We are preparing some packages in my work (meteorological data with agrometeorological index calculations and soil data) and we would like to send them for review to rOpenSci.
To be able to send it, does the package documentation have to be in English? (our native language is Spanish).
Thank you!

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Hi Yanina.
This is definitely the right place to ask.
We have talked a bit about this kind of issue. I’ll bring this to the software review editors’ attention and make sure we come back with a clear answer.

Thank you for asking

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Hello Yanina! Thanks for reaching out. We are eager to review packages in more languages and are open to packages with Spanish documentation and to conducting the peer-review process in Spanish, as well. This will be a first, however, so please have some patience as we experiment a some along the way, both in getting appropriate reviewers and considering if there are any language-specific review standards we should implement.

I’d suggest submitting one Spanish language package for us to review at first so we can figure out the process. When you submit, please make a note in the submission issue if (1) documentation is in a non-English language, and (2) if you’d prefer a Spanish review process.

One thing we should think about in this is whether to use R’s tools for language localization in messages/errors, too. We have one example in our collection of a package that does this: Rpolyhedra. It’s actually not too complicated, but the documentation for localization is a bit hard to follow. The msgtools package that provides some helpers but is no longer maintained.


Thank you so much for your reply. This allow us to write our documentation in our native language. And thanks for the pointers about messages/errors.

We will continue this process as you explain here as soon as we have a package ready to send to review.


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Don’t hesitate to ask further questions!

Great news!

censo2017 was the first package to pass rOpenSci software peer-review in Spanish! :tada:
censo2017 by @pachamaltese (Mauricio Vargas Sepúlveda) provides access to the 2017 Chilean Census. Editor Melina Vidoni was in charge of this review, the reviewers were Frans van Dunné and María Paula Caldas.
Frans van Dunné most kindly translated our review template to Spanish.

Thank you @yabellini. By asking here, and discussions in other venues, you helped tip the balance to making this happen.

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This is awesome news!! :grinning: Thank you for let me know! The first of many, I’m sure. :blush:

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