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geojson release: newline-delimited GeoJSON and other bits (1)
crul release v0.7.0 - many new features (1)
nodbi: NoSQL database connector (1)
Maintainer Guidelines for Package Updates (4)
New package: ckanr (11)
New package: wellknown (1)
geojsonio v0.1.4 on CRAN (1)
New package: fulltext (2)
taxize v0.6.2 is on CRAN (2)
Rgbif v0.8.4 now on CRAN (1)
Traits v0.1 now on CRAN (1)
Taxize v0.6 is on CRAN (1)
Rnoaa v0.4 is on CRAN (1)
Rerddap is on CRAN (1)
Gistr v0.2 is on CRAN (1)
Elastic v0.4 is on CRAN (1)
Geojsonio is on CRAN (1)